What is Ringlerr

RINGLERR, Voice Recognition and AI Technology integrated mobile communication application is born with an idea of enabling users to connect and communicate faster and in real time.


Our vision is to enhance people’s social wellbeing by offering first of its kind communication experience platform.

How Ringlerr is born

  • Remember those unanswered phone calls you were experiencing and you didn't know what to do then? You know sometimes how important it is to speak to someone on phone because you can never communicate the tone while typing the words.
  • Our Primary research says that 70% users do not prefer to respond to unknown calls (not spam calls) because they are not sure about the intent of the caller. Also secondary data from IAMAI says that It takes on an avg. 4-5 calls and 2 days to make a new connect or to do follow up. Now That's a huge waste of time.
  • RINGLERR, Voice Recognition and AI Technology integrated mobile phone calling application is born with an idea of modernizing and enhancing individual's social well being by offering the finest phone communication experience.
  • It enables users to connect faster and communicate on phone in real time. With ringlerr, callers can now make intent base calling so receiver gets to know caller's intent or purpose the moment they receive a call and now receiver has motivation to respond to the caller in real time. It's a win-win for both callers and receivers.
  • With Ringlerr, users can now build meaningful connections and can save 50% of their time, thereby can optimize their daily communication.

Our Philosophy

Our core philosophy is to make things simple for our users and help them living better lives so we always keep users problems and needs into center and offer simple, easy to use and first of its kind solution.

Nexus Incubation

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Our Team

We are a team of Dreamers, Believers and Doers. We have a very strong belief that communication is the best way to create strong relationship and also to enhance social wellbeing of an individual because lack of communication leaves too much room for the imagination.

We focus on building and offering simple and interesting communication experiences platform to help people live better lives.

Vishal Ashokchandra

CEO, Co-founder

Santanu Choudhury

CTO, Co-founder

+91 9599955675


Delhi, India

We are currently incubated by Nexus at Nexus American Centre, New Delhi. It is a collaboration between the American Center, US Govt. and the IC² Institute of The University of Texas at Austin.

Our startup is also one of the featured startups at Mobile10X, Gurugram. It is launched by Industry body Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), in association with Google India and payment services provider Paytm and Facebook.